This moment in history demands that we have judges who are transparent and accountable. My values are reflective of our shared community values. I believe in upholding the rule of law, courageously making tough decisions with integrity and being accountable to people, while treating them with respect and dignity.

Lilly-Spells is the wife to a navy veteran, mom of four kids and a skilled trial attorney. Right before her 16th Christmas her favorite cousin died. This experience inspired Lilly-Spells to become an attorney dedicated to helping others. Seeing this tragic incident full circle, Lilly-Spells now wants to serve her community in a greater capacity, as judge in District Court, Department 23. For over a decade, Lilly-Spells has worked to protect the constitutional rights of all and give a voice to the voiceless. She understands how judge's decisions are long-lasting and how judge's decisions affect people and businesses. Lilly-Spells has handled every possible stage of a given case. Specializing in criminal law, she is experienced in research, writing, litigation, and oral advocacy in all aspects of state court. She is dual licensed and practices civil law on a pro bono basis. Having served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and an ongoing mentor, Lilly-Spells is passionate about children and dedicated to families. She promises to provide a courtroom where respect, equal access to justice, a listening ears and balanced rulings are commonplace. Lilly-Spells has the courage to make the tough decisions and the integrity to make the right decisions without regard to self-interest. She brings a level of cultural competency and work ethic that is missing from the judiciary. Lilly-Spells has dedicated her career to working for justice, so justice can work for the people. She will continue the same as your next judge. 


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